End Point Devices

Patch Management

Patch management is a complex process of updating both Operating System and 3rd Party Applications. Keeping systems patched and updated lowers the vulnerability of End Point against exploits.

Security Agent Consolidation

The time is over for having four, five up to eight end point point agents on each device. So many individual agents taking up valuable resources that slow down devices even before opening your specific business application.

Ramsomware Prevention

Too much focus from vendors is on the detection of ransomware, virus and other security issues. Detection is like reading the news paper, it's already happened and it can be damaging. 

Back Up

Accidents always happen. Laptops are lost, ransomware encrypts full servers, networks go down, documents accidentally deleted, weather conditions cause flooding, fire and total loss of IT Environments. 

A Back Up plan is not an insurance policy, it is a Resiliency and Contingency Plan to keep business working at times of emergency.

Mobile Device Management

We share our devices across our business and personal lives, across our individual and family environments. 

Our solutions cater for multiple business requirements such as mobile device protection, kiosks, application rights management and multi factor authentication. Including Device Attributes, User Behavior, Facial Recognition, Augmented Reality Authentication as chains of authentication trust.  

Compliance Reporting

End Point compliance and reporting implies the adherence to organizational or regulatory policies. Such policy defines various profiles appropriate for the device, user and operational control. Each profile defines OS versions, patch  levels, AV definitions, removable device control, that the endpoints are  required to comply with and a clear set of rules of DO’s and DONT’s for  endpoints. End point compliance is essential to keep the enterprise  network safe and secure.